A collection  with patterns derived from the home of my grandparents. I was inspired by a life times collection of objects: the unique and often unexpected juxtaposi- tions that have come about as members of the family have come and gone along with their possessions, helping to forge the unique visual narrative of a home.

The home is shaped by the make do and mend spirit instilled in my grandparents through the second world war. The pattern on the curtains was pieced back together from scraps, the shed outside was filled with materials to be reused, cardboard boxes, tubes and jam jars. This spirit is perfectly summed up by the phrase cum motto of my grandfather “no wicked waste”.

As consumers, we are driven by an obsession with the new, no wicked waste has renewed meaning and purpose. As designers we should view sus tainabilty as imperative rather than add on, and through considered choice of materials and processes the collection aims to address this issue.